Of all the potential career options, the least likely one for many of us is beekeeper. If you don't believe me, you should see how a Carthage, Missouri beekeeper moves a huge colony from a tree to an aviary.

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I just saw this interesting video dropped on Rumble a few days ago. Here's the backstory from the description:

Missouri Beekeeper Rhett Berry removes a massive swarm of thousands of honey bees that had moved into a tree branch. Later, he rehomes the new colony into his bee apiary.

It's entirely possible that I actually stood in my chair as soon as this video started. I'm not confessing anything. See if you respond in a similar fashion.

Beekeeping for Newbies has a complete guide on what you need to do to become a beekeeper. I'm not doing any of those things. None of them. I repeat. Not gonna happen. However, I am a fan of honey. Even a guy like me who does not purposely spend time around bees understands they are a key part of the "me getting honey" process.

The Carthage, Missouri beekeeper does a great job of explaining the bee behavior especially when it comes to protecting the queen. Would I want to be doing what he's doing to move that queen to his aviary? Nope. But, I am glad there are people like him around that do have the talents to deal with this interesting part of nature.

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