Do you seek out Airbnb's when you're wanting to get away from it all? If so, you might want to check out one of the most highly-rated in all of Illinois that just happens to be a romantic little cottage near Carthage.

This search began out of sheer curiosity. I ventured to Airbnb and narrowed the listings down to anywhere in the state of Illinois. One of the first to appear is a super-highly-rated cottage near Carthage, Illinois. It's hosted by Jennifer and looks pretty sweet. Wait until you see the shower.

This Highly-Rated Airbnb is a Romantic Carthage, Illinois Cottage

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I noticed that Airbnb calls this a "rare find" and mentions it's almost always fully-booked. I can understand why. It's not cheap, but at $150 a night this lakefront cottage seems like a nearly perfect place for someone or couples to get some time alone.

Here's just one of the over 100 reviews that average nearly 5 stars from a guy who stayed there this month:

Joseph - November 2021 - "Awesome spot. Easy to find, new and nice feel to this cabin. Great view, amenities are awesome, easy hike around the lake, good fire pit, perfect spot for a trained dog off leash, everything we could ask for for a getaway for two. Highly recommend"

Check out the full Airbnb listing with more pics and details if you'd like to get in line for a stay at this place.

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