It's a fair statement to say that Missouri is not known for ice skating. Perhaps that's a mistake as there are many epic destinations and I've found one of the best to prove the point.

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Other than the St. Louis Blues, I don't normally consider Missouri much of a skating place. This is one of the exceptions.

What is the largest skating rink in Missouri?

The largest I've seen is Old Kinderhook in Lake of the Ozarks which was confirmed by A-Z Animals as Missouri's largest. They say that this skating arena is between 3,000 and 4,000 square feet and I believe it.

Old Kinderhook has another claim to fame. Their official Old Kinderhook website says that it's Missouri's only real outdoor skating rink.

In typical Lake of the Ozarks fashion, this destination offers more than just skating. There's golf nearby, a spa, boating, concerts and even beach volleyball. The golf course, by the way, is a Tom Weiskopf signature course.

I was looking at the visitor reviews of Old Kinderhook on TripAdvisor and with over 1,000 entries, they average a near perfect 4.53 out of 5 which means there must be a lot of happy people enjoying it. You'll see many use phrases like "exceeded my expectations" which is about the best thing you can hear about a getaway destination.

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