I am not a lawyer and don't play one on TV either, but I have done some research into whether or not you can get a ticket for not abiding by a yellow advisory sign in Missouri. The short answer is it's very complicated.

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By definition, a yellow sign is a warning. It's not rocket science that when you see a white and black speed limit sign, that's an enforceable speed limit. It's a regulation that will garner you a ticket if you're caught breaking it. Duh. Yellow signs are...complicated. For example, if you're exiting a highway and you see a yellow advisory sign that says 45 mph, that's a warning that any speed over 45 mph is unsafe exiting that highway. But, can you get a ticket for disobeying it?

The answer is yes and no.

I went direct to the Missouri Department of Transportation Driver's Guide. While the yellow sign isn't in itself a regulation, you can get a ticket if a law enforcement officer sees you traveling at what is considered an unsafe speed. No, disobeying the sign isn't the literal reason for you getting a ticket, but you disobeying it could result in one anyway.

Let me reiterate that I am NOT a lawyer. If you're seriously trying to break all of the yellow warning sign advisories, that's on you. They are there for a reason. I was just curious about whether those signs are enforceable and technically they are not, but then again you can get a ticket if an officer decides you're being unsafe. Clear as mud, right?

This is where I'd recommend allowing your common sense to kick in. The yellow warning signs are there for a reason and treating them as if they were regulations is a good idea no matter what the law says.

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