If you love the slurp of a long, hot ramen noodle, you might want to apply for your dream job. Top Ramen is putting out a call for its first-ever Chief Noodle Officer. At stake in this contest: $10,000 and a 50-year supply of Top Ramen noodles!
Nissin Foods put out the call for the Noodle Chief. The company behind this popular favorite says it wants someone who will be open to testing and giving feedback on new recipes, preferably with an interest in the food innovation industry.
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I had a passion for ramen noodles in college. Mainly because I could pick up a package for ten cents. Two cups of boiling water and three minutes later and presto! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 30-cents a day. I should have sworn off ramen after bingeing on it all of my college years, but even today I enjoy a package every now and then. Sometimes when my 11-year-old has friends over, they ask for ramen noodles because their parents won't buy them. Instant dinner and instant popularity for my girl at the same time!

To enter, post a photo of your favorite Top Ramen creation on social media along with the recipe, tag Original Top Ramen and use the hashtag #howdoyoutopramen.

Fans can then send a link to their post with a short cover letter explaining their passion for oodles of noodles.

The challenge ends on Oct. 30, 2020.

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