There's an old saying that if you can't say something nice, you shouldn't say anything at all. A serf in the kingdom of Britain apparently wasn't taught that as a youngster and decided to label Missouri with just two rude words.

I've seen this map shared before and had just ignored it previously. For whatever reason, I was not in the mood to ignore it today and decided to share and comment on it. This was shared on the Missouri sub-Reddit and yes, it's a tad funny perhaps, but also unnecessarily rude.

How I, a Brit, see the United States (Sorry if it offends anyone)
byu/DavidMcFarlanee inMapPorn

Can't read the small print on the map? The servant of the Queen King labeled Missouri "Nothing Special". That's nice - not. I do have a sense of humor about this and did chuckle a bit especially with this lone comment that was the most liked:

"As a Kentuckian, I’m not offended"

That's brilliant. I can understand why someone from the UK would not be wowed by Missouri, but I think perhaps saying nothing might have been a preferred option here. The fact that they think California is the best state tells me all that I need to know about them.

Am I overreacting to this British putdown? Maybe. I have had many friends over the years from the British Isles and would love to visit the motherland someday. I promise if that ever happens, I won't be snarky about parts of England that I find drastically boring. Maybe.

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