It was reportedly seen by hundreds in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas and now there are multiple videos that show a brilliant meteor as it streaked across the night sky.

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According to the numerous reports on the American Meteor Society website, this bright space rock burned up in the atmosphere above southern Missouri and northern Arkansas around 1am Tuesday morning, February 7, 2023.

The best view of this meteor I've seen so far was shared by USA Today on YouTube originating by the City of Conway, Arkansas via Storyful.

Mindy Heykoop also had a security camera that captured a short, but sweet view of the same meteor.

According to the nearly 100 American Meteor Society reports as of this writing, this was one of the most widely-viewed meteor so far in 2023 with eyewitnesses from west of Kansas City, Missouri to the middle of Alabama.

The interesting thing about the many recent bright meteors is we're not currently in the middle of any known major meteor showers according to as the Leonids won't be visible until early April.

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