Be on the lookout! Warm weather and pending rain are the harbingers we’ve been looking for to start the hunt for morel mushrooms.

Mushrooms are appearing in the southern part of Missouri, according to the latest map that you can find here. More morels should be popping up in our area now that Mother Nature is providing the optimum conditions. Soil temperatures need to stay in the 50’s for several consecutive days to trigger mushroom growth. That, with combined with some well-timed rain, will mean hunters will be out in full force. The weather forecast for this week is just the sign ‘shroomers have been waiting for.

Mushroom hunting is like the adult version of an Easter egg hunt. It’s like hitting the jackpot. It’s a treasure hunt for gold. And once a hunter finds the X that marks the spot for a great find, they’re taking that secret to the grave. It would be easier to pry the information from a pirate.

Places that you’ve found morels in the past are the best places to find them in subsequent seasons because they’ve spread their spores. If you’re new to the hunt, you could benefit from a bit of research. Morel mushrooms are often found near trees. Sycamores are a favorite of mushrooms. They also tend to grow near hickory, ash, elm, and fruit trees.

This article from gives 12 tips for finding more morel mushrooms this spring. Even if you don’t score the motherlode of mushrooms, you’ll have enjoyed a nice walk in the woods. Happing hunting!

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