Dear hard-core Blues fans:

Thank you for taking us newbies on your wild ride!  Thank you for welcoming us onto the bandwagon. Thanks for introducing us to this frenetic, fast-paced, fabulous sport.

The legion of Blues fan has grown exponentially in the last several weeks.  The fever is wildly contagious.  I can't count the number of people I know who have said they'd never watched a hockey game until the Stanley Cup series.  Count me among them.  We are converts now.  I can't pretend to understand the nuances of the game..  I can't even pretend to know the basic rules (and what's this thing with the two half-times?  Or third-times I guess you'd have to call them.)

However, I can appreciate the speed and the totally mad skills of hockey players.  They slide out on the ice, bang each other into the boards, they're missing teeth and yet somehow there's still this sense of grace and beauty in what they do.  It doesn't compute, but it's a marvelous thing.

We may have just rode in on the wave of your glory, Blues fans, but now that we know what we have been missing, we will be back!

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