What is good for one set of people is apparently not good for another. I was talking with some friends last night while watching game 3 of the St. Louis Blues against the San Jose Sharks in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. We were all pulling for the Blues to win the game.During a lull in the action, the Fox Sports Network began to show highlights of the end of game 2 which was played Saturday night in St. Louis. At the conclusion of that game there were five different fights going on at the same time as the game ended.  There was some pretty "chippy" play though out that game and it became ugly at the end. The National Hockey League has a dilemma to deal with.  Several years ago, the league started to put the clamps on fighting during games. What happened was reduced attendance and lower TV ratings which weren't good to start with.  Little by little, the roughhousing picked up and the league began to look the other way.  If you ask the Blues fans in the Hannibal-Quincy area what kind of game they would rather see it would be the fight filled game rather than the finesse style of hockey. As long as money is involved, the league will continue to look the other way. Now with that all said, if two hockey players get into a fight they will be sent to the penalty box to serve a 5 minute penalty each.  If two hockey fans get into a fight watching that same game in that arena, they will get arrested and may get 5 years (not minutes) in jail.  I have to admit, I too would rather see the rough-house type of game and if I were to ever get into a fight at a hockey game I would remind the Judge that I should only get 5 minutes and not years.  Unless the Judge is a hockey fan, I am gonna miss quite a few games for my actions.  I hope it never happens but if it does, I hope the Judge is wearing a Blues jersey under his or her robe.

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