Apparently, due to a number of factors Armadillos are migrating further north which is why the animal that is famously southern can now be found in the Land of Lincoln, and if you see one you should report it.

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According to an article from, Armadillos are now breeding in Illinois and researchers are asking for you to report them if you see them. This all stems from research that was done by the Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, in the article they say...

"Four years of data collected by researchers at Southern Illinois University Carbondale suggests that nine-banded armadillos, which have been in Illinois’ southern counties for years, will continue to move north."

The article goes on to talk about climate change being a factor in why these animals would be moving further north, and that they would most likely be found near waterways because they rely heavily on water and brushy, wooded areas. If you see an armadillo you can file a report to Agustín Jimenez at, to read the full article click here! 

I was curious about where some of these sightings of armadillos would be happening in Illinois besides the southern portion of the state, and I found an article from the Chicago Tribune that...

"But as our springs become wetter and our winters milder, as the soil stays warmer throughout the year (allowing insects to live longer) — all ideal conditions for armadillos — biologists expect a northward march, sniff by sniff. It’s not unusual now to hear reports of armadillos (which do not hibernate) on a snowy field, nose in the air, smelling for food."

And they say that a dead armadillo was found last year behind a Kia dealership in Springfield! To see the full article from the Chicago Tribune just click here. So have you seen an armadillo in Illinois yet?

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