With the impending strike next week, it has left several Quincy Public School parents scrambling to find child care for their children. So what is the legal age you can leave a child at home alone in Illinois?

This past week facilities around Quincy have tried to help parents find child care with the impending teacher strike next week. Some were lucky, but others not so much. If you were thinking about leaving your child home alone, make sure know the legal age the state requires. According to the Illinois General Assembly, 14 is the legal age the state will allow a child to stay home alone. However, can a 14-year-old look after siblings or other children under a certain age? Yes, The University of Illinois Extension recommends that children 14-years or older should be able to watch other children. But, there's always a but, make sure the child is mature, responsible, and has taken a babysitting certification class.

If you are still looking for a place for your child(ren); The Kroc Center, Quincy Family YMCA, The Crossing church, and Quincy TeenREACH have offered services during the time of the impending strike.

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