Humidity is a way of life for most that live in Missouri, but one city is more humid than the others. New data shows it's one of the most humid cities in all of America and it's in the heart of the Show Me State.

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Today's Homeowner recently did a lot of humidity math with data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association. They ranked the most and least humid cities in America based on the average annual humidity. No surprise at the top as multiple cities in the south came up at the top of the ranking while the dry climates in the western part of America came up at the bottom.

But, if you look closely, you'll see one Missouri place right there on the cusp of the top 50 and that is (*drum roll*):

Columbia, Missouri - #52

Columbia has an average annual humidity of 84% which is incredible when you think about it.

There are 3 Illinois cities that came close to the top 50, too with Peoria, Rockford and Springfield averaging 83% annual humidity.

The full national ranking for humidity by Today's Homeowner website is an interesting read if you'd like to see which cities sweat more than just about any others.

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