Thanks to western wildfires, we all know what the smoke from those fires look like in our skies from the ground. Thanks to a new video share by a passenger on an airline, now you can see what it looks like from above, too.

James Hyatte shared this details about his recent flight:

Flying home Oshkosh 2021 through haze and smoke from fires from western states. Visibility was terrible at times.

He wasn't kidding. Check this out.

The government's fire and smoke map shows how bad it's been today and for the past few weeks.

Fire and Smoke
Fire and Smoke

The bad news is that we're already under lots of wildfire smoke. The even more bad news is that darker area currently over the Dakotas, Nebraska and Kansas may be slowly making its way over our area later this week.

CNN reported a few hours ago that there are still 91 wildfires burning so we're not likely to see relief for a few more weeks. Sigh.

If this type of information interests you, you can check out the fire and smoke map for yourself.

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