I wish I could be like Joanna Gains (Fixer Upper) or Erin Napier (Home Town) who can both walk into a house that needs work and make it a magical place. However, there is a new open room concept that I am sure neither of them, including myself, can get behind.

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There's a new trend when it comes to having an open floor concept, and no it has nothing to do with the kitchen or living room, its the bathroom. Yup, people are having designers and contractors replace their old bathrooms and making them into an open floor concept..

Basically, there is no door to the bathroom, the toilet it just blocked off with a frosted looking piece of glass, as well as the shower, and people in your home can see directly into your bathroom. I'm sorry, but there is NO WAY I will get doing this in my home. The bathroom is the one place for piece and quit when I need it. Whether its relaxing in a tub or taking a long hot shower, its my sanctuary, and there is no way I am going to have visitors being able to see everything. Plus, there's the whole privacy thing.

Now, I love watching HGTV and these fixer upper shows, it's given me a few ideas on what to do with my house. But, if I ever seen them doing an open bathroom concept I might have to stop watching (well for a little while anyway).  Is this something you would do?

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