We had a great time Saturday during the St. Patrick's Parade in Quincy. Maine Street was packed! We were able to get pictures of a ton of people along the parade route. If you went to the parade, see if we got a shot of you and your family and friends! 

There was a lot of green walking down Quincy streets on Saturday. We noticed several great St. Patrick's costumes, and even a few pets that were dressed for the occasion. It looked like everyone had a fun time.

2015 marked the 29th anniversary of the St. Patrick's Parade, which began with Dennis and The Big Dog, all by themselves, walking in the "World's Smallest St. Patrick's Day Parade" in 1986. It has grown considerably since then. In fact, there were over 100 entries in this year's parade, making it the largest in the event's history.

What will be in store for Quincy's St. Patrick's Parade next year, when it turns 30?

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