Our family recently returned from a tropical vacation, basking and rejuvenating in Caribbean sunshine, palm trees and poolside fruity drinks. Not long after our flight back home, we were hit by this massive ice storm. Though part of me wanted to be transported back to the land of sandy beaches, I realized that I need to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds me.

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Even days after the New Year’s blast of ice and snow, we are still reveling in a winter wonderland. It’s truly and spectacularly beautiful, like a frosty midwestern version of Narnia. Now that’s not to say this ice storm was all sunshine and roses. It caused accidents, power outages, and massive damage to trees. It made for treacherous conditions. If you can see past that and look at the bright side, the frosted view we see out our windows is something that a tropical dweller will never be able to appreciate.

I’ve seen some fantastic snapshots of the winter landscape. Drop yours on our Facebook page, and share the beauty of the season.

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