Never give up the dream. A 90-year-old Illinois great grandma is living that truth as she just got her college degree after putting it on hold 70 years ago.

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Joyce Defauw began her college education back in the 1950's, but stopped short of getting her degree as she and her husband began their family. ABC World News Tonight just featured Joyce's story as she finally completed her journey to a college degree at Northern Illinois University.

Joyce added the backstory of why she delayed getting her degree 70 years ago.

Joyce Defauw - "I met that certain gentleman that stole my heart and my eye and we decided to get married."

After having many children, she mentioned to them that she never did finish her college experience and her kids responded with "what's stopping you now?". So, Joyce enrolled in Northern Illinois University and finished what she started back in the 1950's walking across that stage as a college graduate. She completed her studies online using a computer that was gifted to her by her family. Wonderful.

Joyce Defauw is now a great grandmother of 24 kids. Oh, and she's a college graduate, too because you should never give up on your dreams no matter what age is attached to your name.

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