We know what Hannibal and Quincy look like from the ground since we really live here. But, have you ever wondered what we look like from space? Wonder no more as I found a handful of pics taken by astronauts on the International Space Station.

There's an interesting website called Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth that is managed by NASA. You can search for absolutely any location on the planet and it will provide you a list of all the photos that match that area. Here are 8 of the Hannibal/Quincy area that I found.

8 Pics of Hannibal and Quincy Taken by Astronauts in Space

Why do astronauts take so many pics from flights and the International Space Station? Over the years, NASA has provided these images to help with research in agriculture and other aspects of life. In the tri-state area specifically, many of these images have been used to better understand parts of Illinois and Missouri and how they have been or might be affected by flooding. 1973 and 1993 are two major floods that NASA has helped with images of.

If this peaks your curiosity, you can even request that NASA take a picture of a specific place through their official website. They tend to make this available especially to teachers and/or students.

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