If you had unlimited money, what's the most expensive you could potentially get? In Illinois, it's this $45 million dollar mansion located on Lincoln Park in Chicago. 

According to Zillow, this is currently as much money as you can possibly hand a realtor to buy a home in Illinois. It's 1932 N Burling Street in Chicago with a current asking price of $45 million dollars. Yes, that's 45 with 6 zeroes after it. Let's take a look at some pics I found of this elaborate estate on Realtor.

$45 Million Dollar Chicago Mansion Most Expensive in Illinois

The numbers on this home are eye-opening and that's not even including the asking price. Realtor shows it has 6 bedrooms, 7 1/2 bathrooms and features over 25,000 square feet. Here's a snippet of how the realtor describes it:

Unprecedented urban estate. 25,000 square foot masterpiece on Lincoln Park's finest street. Sited on an enormous 177'x149' parcel totaling more than eight city lots, every step has been taken to provide complete privacy and tranquility. Manicured grounds with multiple fountains, reflecting pool, and hand forged antique garden pavilion transport you to another world. Absolutely no expense was spared inside or out throughout this sun-filled mansion.

The fact that this occupies 8 city lots on Lincoln Park in Chicago explains why you're seeing $45 million dollars in the price. If Babe Ruth lived in Chicago back in the 1920's, this is the type of home I'd expect to see him in.

Check out the full listing for more details and pics. While the home costs $45 million, looking at pics is free fortunately.

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