Pool noodles get their hardest workout in the summer, but you can put them to work in the winter too.

With all this snow and bitter cold, a couple of well-placed pool noodles can save you some hassle on a winter’s morning. To keep your windshield wipers clear, just cut a pool noodle and snuggle it over the blades. Presto! No clumpy wipers.

Even better, a pool noodle can help keep your pipes from freezing and causing damage in these frigid conditions. Slice one lengthwise, wrap it around your problem pipes, and you’ve got instant foam insulation to keep your water pipes from bursting.

Floppy boots? No problem. Stick a section of pool noodle inside to keep them upright and looking good. Do your cabinet doors bang against the wall? It doesn’t look pretty, but a pool noodle will cushion the blow. Bored kids on a snow day? Pool noodle crafts are a hot winter-time project to keep them busy.

Familyhandyman.com has a list of 25 uses for pool noodles. Since you’re not going to be taking your noodles to the pool any time soon, feel free to slice them up this winter and put them to work. You can restock for the summer at the dollar store in just a few months!

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