Some things should be against the rules in nature. I'll give you an example that happened 10 years ago. Remember when Missouri got hammered by a rare snow storm in May of 2013? That should be illegal.

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My wife the meteorologist has informed me that nature doesn't abide by my wishes which is a shame. That's the reason why Missouri got hit by a big snow storm on May 3, 2013. Remember that storm?

The Missouri Climate Center shared details of what happened that day including snowfall amounts in the following locations:

  • Lexington, 7.0"
  • Unionville, 6.8"
  • Trenton, 6.5"
  • Halltown, 5.5"

They added "more than 10-inches were reported in Howard, Boone, Livingston, Caldwell, Putnam, Macon, Shelby, Schuyler, Lewis, Marion, Knox, St. Charles, Johnson and Cass counties." That's correct. That was maybe unofficial, but those of us who lived in north central Missouri at that time can verify.

After that storm, many of us thought "well, nature's finally done messing with us" and that was absolutely wrong. Missouri weather said "Hold my beer"...

Three weeks later, thunderstorms dropped nearly a dozen tornadoes including one in Hannibal that did a ton of tree damage. It was the wildest weather in May that I can remember and I never want to relive it again.

I'll return to my original point. The kind of weather that hit Missouri in May of 2013 should be illegal. I realize that's not realistic, but I can hope. Let's hope we never live through another Spring with blinding snow storms one minute and tornadoes the next.

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