Local author John L. Davis made news when he began writing a series of zombie novels set in and around Hannibal, Missouri. Work is now underway to adapt the first book from his 'American Revenant' series into a short film. The author spoke with us about the upcoming film, and how you'll be able to see it once the project has been completed.

Describe your film project for us

The American Revenant movie is a short film based on the first book of the American Revenant series, Hometown Exodus. The script was adapted for film by the director, Josh Mullner. It is our hope that the movie will draw readers to the book series, while at the same time thrilling viewers with a dramatic tale of the fight for survival in the early days of the zombie apocalypse in Hannibal.

How did this come about?

I mentioned to a friend, Jeremy Delaporte, sort of off-hand, how I would like to create a short movie as a book trailer. He says he knows a guy, and he set up a meeting with Josh Mullner, the director. Josh read the books and he and I discussed various options available to us. After reading Josh's script I knew that the project would be amazing.

Are there any opportunities for local actors/volunteers to get involved?

We have cast all the roles we needed to fill for our main actors. As far as zombies go, I have a feeling that half of Hannibal is going to show up ready to get their "zombie" on when we do the open call for our horde of shambling dead. People should watch the American Revenant Movie Facebook page, as there is the possibility that we will need extras, more zombies or other helping hands. People around Hannibal have been very supportive of the project, and are nearly as excited as Josh and I to see this through. For those that don't want to be a zombie, or would prefer to stay behind the scenes, they can still help by donating to the project.

What is the timeline for your production?

We have begun filming, though the bulk of the movie will be filmed over the final two weeks in August. Once filming is complete then it will go into editing and music. We intend to release the movie sometime in late September or early October.

How is the movie going to be distributed? YouTube, DVD, film festivals?

We are working with a couple of local theaters to see if we can set up a showing or two, as well as a book signing on the day of the film's release. Once we have the film released locally, we will have it on YouTube for everyone around the world to see. We have taken into consideration that there may be folks who want to own a copy and are looking into having DVD's made available for sale. The thought of showing at film festivals is there, and it is something we may look into as the project moves forward.

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