Oh, how times have changed. Schools, once considered a safe haven for kids, are under siege these days evidenced by the 41 school shootings that have occurred in 2018 alone (as of May 25).  This school violence has many parents, educators and law enforcement concerned. The ultimate goal is to protect each and every child in all of pour schools in America.  Unfortunately, that has not happened.

Obviously, the same concerns prevail in Adams County as well. With that in mind, multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Quincy Police Department, the Adams County Sheriff’s Department and the Adams County State’s Attorney’s Office will be meeting today at 9 a.m.(May 30) with representatives from Adams County and Quincy Public Schools at the Adams County Courthouse to discuss protocols used to prevent school violence.  The ultimate goal is to determine how law enforcement, in cooperation with school officials, can best protect students and teachers from threats of violence.

According to a news release, State’s Attorney Gary Farha stated, “This pro-active approach toward school violence is important to ensure the safety of Adams County students.  I am proud to bring these groups together to help facilitate the best possible practices and approaches to make our schools as safe as possible.”

Listed below are the amount of school shootings per year since 2013

2018       41 (so far)

2017       64

2016       48

2015       63

2014       58

2013       37

(Information provided by www.everytownresearch.org)

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