Sometimes in sports the game itself takes a back seat to life life. Such was the case last night when Jordan Bohannon, a sophomore basketball player for the Iowa Hawkeyes, did something no one would have ever expected.

Late in the second half in the game against Northwestern, Bohannon stepped to the free throw line with a chance to break a school record of 34 consecutively made free throws. The record belonged to an Iowa Legend, Chris Street, who died in an automobile accident back in 1993. Street's parents, long time Iowa fans, were in the stands watching when Bohannon shocked everyone.

Before shooting the free throw, and fully aware of the record setting attempt, Bohannon looked to the sky and missed the shot on purpose. In doing so, he purposely preserved Street's name in the Iowa Hawkeye's record book saying afterwards, "That's not my record to have. That record deserves to stay in his name.  It's been on my mind for a while. Life is a lot bigger than basketball".

Bohannon scored 25 points in the game to lead Iowa to a 77 to 70 win over Northwestern, but it was the point he didn't score that everyone is talking about today.


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