So there I was on the last Free Fishing Day in Illinois at Moorman Lake in Quincy when it happened. The fish of all fish was hooked on my line. It became a battle I was not prepared for. As I struggled to reel in this "monster" fish the thought crossed my mind that I just might need the assistance of Dennis Oliver who was with me this morning as we broadcast live while fishing on the Y101 Radio Morning Show.  I'd reel a little, then pulled my fishing pole and reel in some more. This process continued until I finally was able to haul this fish in.

He was so "enormous" and a battler that even Mr.  Oliver was impressed. This fish wanted no part of being out of the water and I wanted no part of being in the water, so something had to give and it was finally the fish that did.  It was exhausting to say the least and I was proud of my catch. It was the first of three fish I managed to catch this morning.  My fishing partner, despite numerous close calls, continued his streak of never catching a fish in my presence (over 30 years now). I think Mr. Oliver enjoys feeding the instead.

The fish in question is featured in the picture below.

Jeff Dorsey
Jeff Dorsey

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