Last time I checked, there is no sea bordering Missouri. That does not mean you can't find seashells in the Show Me State though. There is one beach that is ideal if you have a seashell collection you'd like to add to.

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If you've been to Table Rock Lake in Missouri, you've probably been to Moonshine Beach even if you didn't know it's name. It's one of the more prominent beaches in that part of Missouri. Only In Your State recently highlighted the seashell finds possible there and they're not wrong.

By the way, this beach is part of an absolutely gorgeous area. Highly recommended and it looks pretty from the air, too.

The state of Missouri describes this beach area at Table Rock Lake perfectly saying "visitors forget they are actually on a lake and not at the ocean". That is very true. Many people that have visited rate the pavilions there very highly, by the way.

If you're thinking "great, I'd love to go hunt seashells and/or swim", you might want to check the Explore Branson website first. As of this writing, they mention that swimming at Moonshine Beach is temporarily closed. Not sure if that's just swimming or the beach access, too.

Seashells in Missouri? Yes, because sometimes the impossible is still possible when you look hard enough.

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