It's the one Missouri lake that visitors most often want to take a dip in because it's the deepest and is in the heart of the most beautiful part of Missouri. It's also good to know if that sounds good to you that it also happens to be home to the most deadly snakes in the state.

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I was just starting to get excited about my family's next visit to Table Rock Lake in Missouri when I came across a fun new article by A-Z Animals. The decided to count the reptiles (somehow) in all the Missouri lakes and guess what is #1 on their list? Congrats if you said that Table Rock Lake is the most snake-infested in Missouri.

You might remember that we recently shared that Missouri River was named as one of the most snake-infested waterways in America. This is the lake version of that.

So how many snakes are in Table Rock Lake?

The short answer - LOTS. They mentioned that it's nearly impossible to go out on Table Rock Lake without spotting water snakes (makes sense when you think about it), but you'll also see (and I quote) "ring-necked snakes, western rat snakes, and pygmy rattlesnakes".

That last one is the one to be concerned about. As Seaworld points out, pygmy rattlesnakes are highly venomous. Wikipedia mentions that pygmy rattlesnakes often feed on birds, lizards and frogs but will happily come after YOU if you mess with its habitat (aka "Table Rock Lake").

If there's good news to be had, this rattlesnake is bright in color and hard to miss.

With that fun news being shared, enjoy your vacation at Table Rock Lake. It'll be fine. Probably.

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