I've never seen this done before and honestly never knew it needed to be done. There's new video showing divers cutting down trees at the bottom of Missouri's Table Rock Lake. Yes, this is a thing.

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Did you know that there was underwater chainsaws? I didn't Deep 6 Marine on YouTube shared the following details about their project of cutting down trees under the waters of Table Rock Lake in Missouri:

Underwater Tree Cutting: Witness the intricate process of underwater tree cutting as we use specialized equipment and techniques to remove submerged trees, enhancing the lake's safety and navigability. Experience the precision and expertise required for this task.

It sounds obvious to say this, but I'll say it anyway. Do not even think of trying this unless you're a professional. Duh.

The diver said he captured this using a AKASO Brave 4 Pro 4K30FPS action camera. I checked and this is a relatively inexpensive camera similar to a Go Pro that costs ballpark of just over $100. They can be mounted to bikes and motorcycles also.

I forget that there are trees that have to be dealt with under Table Rock Lake. The experts say the underwater saws are a unique tool that it takes skill to operate over and above what an above ground lumberjack would be doing.

Deep 6 Marine seems to be an interesting channel to follow on YouTube if you're interested in what divers do in places like Missouri's Table Rock Lake.

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