Many believe that the accounts of giants are nothing more than legends and tall tales. I can prove it's historical fact that the bones of a huge giant were really found in Missouri in 1933.

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Truth be told there are multiple accounts of giant bones found in Missouri in completely different places. A couple years ago, Lake Expo shared the story of giant remains found by J.D. Crain at Lake of the Ozarks. It was documented on April 25, 1934 in the Springfield Daily News. Here's the exact account of digging that Mr. Crain did on his property:

Removing the rocks, Crain was astonished to find seven skeletons. While six of the skeletons were of normal size, one measured 8 feet, 4 inches.

One year prior in 1933, there was an account in Steelville, Missouri by The Steelville Ledger of a giant skeleton over 8 feet in length found there.

HISTORY via YouTube
HISTORY via YouTube

The account was so trusted and outrageous it led to an episode of Search for Lost Giants on The History Channel being filmed there.

These are not oral stories passed down with exaggerations. Both accounts of giant skeletons being discovered in Missouri are historical fact. You can discount this as the remains of abnormally tall humans if you desire, but it cannot be denied that these bones were really found in Missouri.

Does this prove that giants really existed like the account of Goliath in the Bible? I'll leave that for you to decide. Oh, by the way, The National Library of Medicine believes they've proved he was real, too. Just goes to show that some legends are more than legends. They are true history.

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