The wisest people I've known in the Missouri backcountry understand how to watch wildlife to understand when danger is near. That happened to one Missouri man who saw deer and rabbits fleeing the woods then found out the horrifying reason why.

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This interesting tale comes from the Saline Valley State Wildlife Area near Eldon in the Lake of the Ozarks part of Missouri. The man named JB shared his story with the YouTube channel Sasquatch Theory and explained what happened when he and his friend were out riding a 4-wheeler and trying out a new BB gun during the Fall months.

Sasquatch Theory via YouTube
Sasquatch Theory via YouTube

The activity of animals caught JB's eye and that of his friend. He explained what occurred:

What happened is we were going down the trail and there were some deer that we had seen jump out and a couple of rabbit and squirrels and they took out like a bat out of hell running for their lives...

There was a fence along the tree line. JB could hear something in the trees that he could tell was bipedal. It didn't take long before the sound became a sight as he was staring directly at...a large creature and it was staring right back at them. It was extremely hairy and covered the entire back of...whatever it was. He said that the beast had "effortlessly" moved a tree aside to peer out of the woods.

JB said the eyes are what he will always remember most. The eyes were red. This was no wolf or bear. His friend fled first, but it didn't take JB long before he knew that he was seeing something that did not want to be seen.

That is just the beginning of the story. I'd highly recommend watching the full interview as I have no question that JB believes what he is saying is true. Watch and judge for yourself.

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