Please let me thank all of you for your concern for my well-being during the recent Polar Vortex. Your offers off space heaters, after the radio station's heating unit started smoldering, was very kind of you. With all due respect to those who were legitimately dealing with the elements outside last week, my dilemma of working indoors last week without any heat for several days was "chilly", but certainly not "life-threatening".

What was hoped to be a problem solvable by last Friday looks to be extended into this week sometime (hopefully tomorrow). The heating unit that began smoldering on the Y101 Radio roof last Wednesday needs to be totally replaced.

After reviewing the options for replacement to heat the Y101 Radio studio, and there were many, it was decided to go with the unit pictured above. There were other choices, but this one was selected based upon the flexibility of the unit. If heat is needed you just light the match and start warming the place. If not needed any longer you just blow it out.

Economically, the company also saw the high efficiency and the low cost of this particular heating unit so the choice was an easy one to make. Once this unit is installed, I hope to return to normal working conditions in the Y101 Radio studio.

Again, my thanks for your concerns and thoughtfulness. Now, where did I put those matches??

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