When you consider how much times have changed, a picture today might be of concern where 20 years ago it wouldn't.  Such was the case a few days ago when Dennis Oliver and I were having lunch and were walking back to my car and we both came upon a vehicle parked in the same parking lot. The vehicle not only had a gas can on its roof, but a propane can as well (see picture). We both looked at it and had to wonder if this was a problem we were looking at or just someone transporting a couple of empty containers? If not empty, could the containers explode? We wondered what we should do? Should we report it to the police or let it go?

We made an assumption that if it was a serious threat the owner wouldn't have made it so obvious and visible for all to see. Therefore, we drove off wondering if we did the right thing.

If this was 1998, the thought of a problem would never cross our minds, but it isn't 1998.  It's 2018 and times have changed. Maybe the next time I would call the authorities. What would you have done?

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