I'll begin with some bad news. A self-proclaimed time traveler is predicting the worst blizzard in Wisconsin history later this year. The good news? You really shouldn't lose any sleep over this prediction as he's likely the worst time traveler in history.

Eno Alaric goes by the moniker "radianttimetraveler" and he's one of the more entertaining follows on TikTok. Good ole Eno claims to be a time traveler who has returned to 2024 from the future year 2671. There's just one problem. Eno is almost (always) never right.

Here's what Eno just predicted for Wisconsin on Christmas Day of 2024:

radianttimetraveler via TikTok
radianttimetraveler via TikTok

Make sure to watch all of Eno's predictions for the rest of the year. They're entertaining.

Listen. I'm no one to talk since I've never done any time travel that I know of, but here's a pro tip for any future time travelers. You need to be right about your predictions every once in a while to be credible. Among Eno's failed predictions from earlier this year include an EF-5 tornado that was supposed to wipe out New Orleans and dragons appearing in the Rocky Mountains that could talk. Translation? Don't lose any sleep about 20 feet of Wisconsin snow on Christmas Day of 2024.

Will Wisconsin have a blizzard this year? Oh, sure. Count on it. Will it involve 20 feet of snow. Highly doubting it.

That being said, I do encourage you to follow Eno Alaric on TikTok if only for the laughs.

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