You really shouldn't lose any sleep over this. Seriously. Yes, it is true that a self-proclaimed time traveler from the year 2671 has predicted that Illinois will be devastated by the worst blizzard in history this year, but he doesn't exactly have a track record of accuracy to brag about.

Eno Alaric is probably a well-meaning person, but Eno is a little "off". According to his content on TikTok, he says he's returned to 2024 from the future year 2671 and he says a historically bad storm is headed toward Illinois and will devastate the state on Christmas Day of 2024 with a staggering 20 feet of snow.

radianttimetraveler via TikTok
radianttimetraveler via TikTok

You can watch some of Eno's other predictions for the rest of 2024 here also.

Lookout Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan (and probably Minnesota, too), the time traveler from 2671 says you'll get hit with 20 feet of snow on Christmas Day 2024. Here's some good news though. Eno has yet to be right about - well - anything. He predicted an EF5 tornado would destroy in March. He also claims we're about to see English-speaking dragons appear from the Rocky Mountains. Translation? Don't lose any sleep over Eno's predictions.

That being said, he is a fun follow on TikTok which I recommend for the humor alone.

Will Illinois get hit with a historic blizzard in 2024? That's always a possibility because this is Illinois weather we're talking about. Will what Eno predicted happen? Likely not.

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