Did you know that “Windy City Steak and Lemonade” closed down? Yeah, me neither.

But fear not, Gem City foodies, as your Italian beef and cheese fry cravings shall not go unfulfilled! Everybody, meet “Windy City Style”.

Quietly up and running for just over a week now, “Windy City Style” is owned by Sam and Devonne Elatigh who just relocated to Quincy. The Elatighs also own and operate “Super Gyros” out of Bloomington, Illinois.

Oh, and the food is AMAZING!

Windy City Style
Ben Braun

You’ll find the new Chicago-themed restaurant in the same location as the previous (5313 Oak St. next to GameStop), but with an updated look and menu.

They also offer a $5 daily meal special that will be updated on their Facebook page.

Best of luck and welcome to Quincy, Sam and Devonne!