I don't scare easy and I'm not superstitious, however even I have heard the legend that is connected to a road near Burlington, Iowa. That roadway was just ranked as the scariest drive in Iowa for a reason.

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Have you ever driven Stony Hollow Road near Burlington, Iowa? There's nothing extremely terrifying about the road itself. The legend that is connected to it is a different story altogether. Only In Your State just declared this the scariest drive you can take in Iowa.

What makes Stony Hollow Road near Burlington, Iowa so freaking scary?

Legends say that there was a bride named Lucinda in the 1800's who tragically took her own life after the man she was engaged to never showed up to wed her. There was even a movie made based on the forlorn bride of Stony Hollow Road who jumped from a cliff along the roadside.

Many over the years have stopped alongside that cliff and tried to summon Lucinda. To date, none have been successful because most are afraid to try it at midnight. Best to keep it that way.

If you've driven Stony Hollow Road, there's nothing about the journey that would alarm someone. It is the stories of what has happened alongside that road that continue to haunt travelers though. Is it really based in fact or will it remain one of the many urban legends that surround that part of southeast Iowa? No one knows...except Lucinda.

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