Since the start of 2022 weed sales in Illinois have dropped off sharply from the record-breaking numbers at the end of 2021, why?

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Before I attempt the answer the why, we gotta start with the numbers, according to, the numbers are pretty alarming for weed sales in the Land of Lincoln since the start of 2022. In the article they say...

"Sales have fallen significantly since Illinois dispensaries unloaded a record $137 million worth of recreational cannabis products last December...Illinois’ 110 licensed pot shops tallied $117 million in sales in January and just under $114 million in February, the lowest monthly haul since last March."

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The article goes on to talk about how there are some production stalls that are causing higher prices but I think it is a pretty simple question to answer. So why are sales down? People can barely afford to put gas in their cars they aren't buying luxury items anymore. When your budget tightens (mine certainly has with the rising gas prices and inflation at an all-time high) what are the things you cut out of your budget? Luxury items. For me that means I haven't gotten my truck washed in way too long, I haven't gone out to drink with friends, and I said goodbye to stocking my work mini fridge with treats, BUT for others, it means cutting out the weed. It's not like people stopped buying weed they are still selling over $100 million dollars of weed a month but for the casual users it is a luxury item that they can't afford with everything else on the rise.

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