Modern technology may have made our lives easier, but our reliance on it has a price. Fully 60 percent of respondents in a new survey said they find issues associated with technology to be downright stressful.

Wifi seems to be the major source of ire, with more than one in 10 of those polled listing it as their top tech gripe, followed by issues with cloud technology and home networking.

What annoys people most about technology? Nearly a fifth don’t like how frequently it changes, while about 15 percent said it simply “doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.” And if you have techie friends that you’re always bugging for help, you might want to give it a rest — 10 percent of the people polled said it’s really irritating.

And tech providers, you’re on notice, too. “Unhelpful customer service” was listed as the top complaint by a third of the survey participants, with “confusing privacy policies” and issues with trustworthiness making the list as well.

Take a look at the infographic below for more.


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