My wife and I went out to get candy for the trick or treaters. But then something happened.

This happened a few days ago. We went to the store for candy so we could give kids some treats for Halloween. A few days after we bought the candy, it vanished. Yep, right under our noses the candy we bought to give to the trick or treaters had somehow disappeared. Where did two bags of "Reese's and "Three Musketeers" go to. Into the mouths of hungry young men who live with us. Yep, our boys ate them.

Well ok, I have done the same thing in the past so I didn't get mad, we just went back to the store and got some more. This time hidden in a secret location until the trick or treaters get here. But now I have another problem..where did I put the new candy we bought. I forgot. Happy Halloween everybody.

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