So here we are just a couple of days away from ending the month of March. When I was a kid March was always known as the kite-flying month as winds seemed to pick up once the month arrived. As a kid I had a ton of fun flying kites, yet I don't see much of it going on around here. Where are all the kites?  I still buy my grandkids kites and they really enjoy flying them.

A few years ago I taught them a new trick when flying a kite.  That trick was to be able to send a message to the flying kite from the ground. It was something my father taught me.  Here is how it is done. I took a small piece of paper (1 to 2 inches square) and had the kids write a message they wanted to send up to the kite.  I poked a hole in the middle of the paper. I made a cut from the side of the paper to the hole and then put the string thru the middle of it. Then I taped the cut portion and just let the paper slide up the string.


That message will begin to make its way all the way to the top until it reaches the kite. My grandkids, like I did at their age, watched that paper slide up the string with more interest than actually watching the kite flying.

I realized then how precious time is to spend with your kids and grand kids.  It wasn't earth shattering what took place then, but sometime down the road Grandpa Dorsey will be remembered for sending messages to kites. What better way to be remembered. Take the time people. Take the time before you run out of it.


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