Goodbye to February 2021, and hello March 2021, a month that has four days I am really excited for!

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February had its moments, Valentine's Day is cool, the Super Bowl was awesome for people who don't like the Chiefs, and there was the Daytona 500...BUT February 2021 was wayyyy too cold for 13 days straight to be remembered fondly. Luckily for us there are four really amazing days to look forward too in March to bring us out of this February Funk!

  • Monday, March 8th: It's International Women's Day! A chance to celebrate all the brilliant women in your life, for me that means getting to celebrate my sister who is a boss who lives an works in England, my Mom who is my number one supporter, my awesome bosses Sam (you guys know her) and Carrie. Who are you celebrating on this day?
  • Sunday, March 14th: Daylight Saving Time! Yes yes yes, I one really loves to lose the hour of sleep when we spring forward BUT it means more sunlight after work! And after that dark, cold, gray February, we really need that.
  • Wednesday, March 17th: St. Patrick's Day! I don't really need to explain this one do I....? Cheers!
  • Saturday, March 20th: Start of Spring! The end of the long cold winter is insight, the fact that we are less then a month away from winter being over is fantastic. Warmer weather will only make everything that we are still going through easier.

Who else is really excited for March 2021 to start? It cant be worse then March 2020 right?

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