This will likely sound alarming and it really kind of is. The weather radar in St. Louis, Missouri will be down for at least 2 weeks in March and there's no way to turn it on if severe weather develops.

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No weather radar for a big part of Missouri sounds pretty dire, doesn't it? The National Weather Service in St. Louis shared the news of when and why they'll have the radar down. It's vital replacement of a major component and has to be done.

National Weather Service, St. Louis, Missouri
National Weather Service, St. Louis, Missouri

Note their mention that "radar data will be unavailable regardless of severe weather". That's important to know. Here's something else you should understand. It won't be like Missouri will be weather-blind for those two weeks in March. There are numerous other regional radars that will remain active and on alert including Davenport, Iowa, Kansas City and Springfield, Missouri and to the east in Evanston, Indiana and another in the Paducah, Kentucky area.

I have faith in our regional weather experts, but I will admit this kind of radar downtime makes me a little uneasy as many forecasters are estimating that Missouri and Illinois could see more serious tornadoes than normal with the changing weather patterns in 2024. If the sky is listening, I'd like to request that it delay those more serious tornadoes until after Tuesday, March 19. Thanks.

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