It's not often when you get to say the name Rob Lowe and Bigfoot in the same sentence. However, here's a look back to the time when Rob Lowe really thought one of Missouri's "wood apes" would kill him. Seriously.

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I will admit that I thought Rob Lowe was epic in Tommy Boy. His reality show on A&E a few years ago sadly wasn't as successful, but it did have some great moments including this one. The Lowe Files documented adventures of Rob and his sons and one of those episodes took them into the Missouri Ozarks.

About that Missouri adventure, Rob Lowe would tell Entertainment Weekly that he was "genuinely terrified...I was lying on the ground thinking I was going to be killed."

I've heard it said you really haven't had an adventure in Missouri until you believe that Mo-Mo/Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Wood Ape is out to get you. Welcome to the club, Rob.

Rob Lowe was so scared of his "wood ape" encounter, he even told Jimmy Fallon about it.

The audience laughed, but there are many Missourians and especially those that live in/near the Ozarks that have heard those gruff sounds deep in the woods.

What is a wood ape exactly? It's just another name for Bigfoot/Mo-Mo/Sasquatch and the creature has its own website dedicated to research about it.

Fortunately, Rob Lowe and his sons survived the encounter and we can all laugh about it now. But, yes, Rob really did believe that a Missouri "wood ape" would get him. True story.

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