The Menards billboard near 42nd and Broadway in Quincy is now partially obstructed by a homemade sign that reads “FREE KODAK”.

“Free Kodak”, which has also become a popular hashtag, is a reference to rapper Kodak Black who has been in and out of jail in recent years for a number of crimes. According to, “[Kodak] was originally supposed to be released in August but police discovered outstanding warrants”. The site goes on to say how his imprisonment is not justified in the eyes of many of his fans.

The self-proclaimed “Best Rapper Alive” (per his Twitter bio) has over one million Twitter followers and a recent (very NSFW) music video for “Everything 1K” featured internet celebrity Danielle Bregoli—better known as the “Cash Me Outside, How Bow Dah” girl.

If you want to see the billboard in person, you can “cash it outside” the Comfort Inn. How bow dah?

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