In a story in yesterday's USA Today, Americans are living longer, with fewer deaths from heart disease and cancer, but more chronic illnesses, troubling levels of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and sedentary behavior are causes for concern. Medical advances are allowing more people to live with those conditions. 

The 2012 America's Health Rankings were revealed in the story which listed the ranking for each states health status. For the sixth straight year Vermont was listed as the healthiest followed by Hawaii, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Minnesota. Number six was Connecticut, followed by Utah,New Jersey, Maine  and Rhode Island rounded out the top ten healthiest states.

In case you were wondering, Iowa came in 20th with Illinois at 30 and Missouri at 42nd on the list. Louisiana and Mississippi came in tied for last place.

The data to reach these  conclusions came from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Medical Association, the Census Bureau, and even the FBI.

I guess maple syrup is better for you than Cajun cooking!

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