If you have a sweet tooth, you could do worse than spending a lot of time in a certain Illinois place as USA Today readers have voted 2 of their locations among the top 10 candy stores in America.

One of my favorite movies as a kid was the Gene Wilder version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The fact that I look a little like a grown up Oompah Loompa is just coincidence. I suppose that's why I took an interest in a brand new USA Today poll where their readers chose the best candy stores in America. Among the top 10, there are 2 in Chicago, Illinois.

#8 - Windy City Sweets - Chicago, Illinois

#7 - Candyality - Chicago, Illinois

It's been awhile since I traversed the Loop in Chicago and when I was in the Windy City, partaking of candy was sadly not on the agenda. According to USA Today readers, I missed out. (*sad face*)

Based on the methodology, the emphasis was on a nostalgic candy store experience where the nominees were chosen by a panel of alleged "experts" and then the readers voted. I always place more validity on an audience choice and not just the opinion of one lone blogger who likely has never even visited where he or she is writing about. Sad, but true.

Check out the full USA Today top 10 list for other great candy destinations for all of us nostalgic Willy Wonka people.

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