My kids refuse to believe it, but I used to be a runner. That's one reason why I appreciate the fact that one 5K run in Missouri was just voted one of the best races in America. That matters because it was the people who participate that vote.

This isn't jus any old website that's calling something "best" either. This has been an ongoing reader's poll from USA Today. The initial nominees were created by running experts who then shared that big list with their audience and the audience voted.

After weeks of voting, one Missouri 5K race ended up as the 2nd favorite in America. Quite an achievement.

The Missouri race that won the gold (or actually silver) medal was the Yeti 5K in Springfield, Missouri. This year that race happened on February 24, 2024 so the "24's" were wild of course.

It is a wild race and "Running from Yeti" isn't an exaggeration as you're frequently running from what feels like an abominable snowman (aka Missouri winter weather).  This is actually a series of races which also happen in Kansas City and St. Louis according to the official website.

From what I can gather, it looks like this Missouri race is a frequent vote-getter from the USA Today people as it was voted 3rd best in America and now 2nd in 2024. Who doesn't love improvement?

If you think you're up for a big run next year, make sure to check out the Running from Yeti website so you can say you ran in one of America's most popular races.

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