The County Market building at 30th and Broadway has been vacant since 2008. Here are a few things that I think the building should turn into:

1) An Indoor Glow-In-The-Dark Mini-Golf Course - We all love to have fun with a game of golf (even mini-golf), so why not be able to do it all year long? As parents, we are always looking for fun, different things to do with kids during the cold winter months, or rainy days, and this would be perfect.

2) Target - Well that's obvious! Although they would have to move the CVS store to another location. I don't think the County Market building would be big enough for a Target without relocating the CVS store first.

3) Dave & Buster's - What adult doesn't love a good pinball game and a beer? What more do you need?

4) Another Shopping Mall Strip - 'Cause Quincy needs another strip mall with empty stores!

5) A FREE Youth Center - This would be open for children of all ages to have a place to play video games, get help with school work, and have a fun place to go in the summer.

What are some of your ideas? Comment below!

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