Very few can accurately predict the future, but that hasn't stopped the internet experts from attempting to determine what Missouri's largest city will be 27 years from now. This one is almost certainly gonna be correct though. Maybe.

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This is an interesting peek into the distant future about what the population in the state of Missouri will look like in the year 2050 by A-Z Animals. What they've shared isn't really news as the biggest city in Missouri 27 years down the road is the same one now (by their estimate).

What's the biggest city now and in the future in Missouri?

Answer - Kansas City

With a current population of over a half-million, the reason why it will likely remain Missouri's largest city for the next few decades is interesting. There's a study that they say estimates Kansas City will grow another several hundred thousand residents in the next 30 years. Good news if you're Patrick Mahomes or Travis Kelce I suppose.

The other reason for the assurance that KC will remain Missouri's biggest place is the fact that its rival metro St. Louis is losing residents. With that kind of addition and subtraction math, it makes sense that Kansas City will continue to grow and St. Louis the opposite.

Even with the current trends, things can change. What if a natural disaster directly affects KC? The fact is the most likely scenario is that the New Madrid Fault will affect St. Louis in the future before Kansas City and that's not a good thing for the Gateway City.

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